Zoloft Dreams

Published December 15, 2015 by prettycountrygirl33

Hello Dreamers!

I’ve always wanted to find a community to share my weird dreams and nightmares with besides my small circle of friends whom find them absolutely comical or down right scary. I’ve been taking this medication for a few years called Zoloft or the generic version sertraline 100mg. for depression.  Ever since, I have had these weird and sometimes unexplainable dreams  nightmares where I actually scream or yell out in my sleep so loudly that I wake myself and others. My heart is pounding because of the realistic nightmare that I have just experienced. This is one of the many dreams that I would like to blog about.

Singing Cockroaches in the cabinet

In this dream, I was at home, in my kitchen. As I opened my cabinet I saw six cockroaches dressed in royal blue suits, ruffled velvet collars around their necks, and glittery boots. They all stopped and stared at me with big eyes as the music, “Adore” by Prince, started to play they all sang in unison. “Until the end of time, I’ll be there for you.” I abruptly closed the cabinet, the music stopped. As I slowly  reopened the cabinet, the music continued where it left off. “You own my heart and mind, I truly adore you.” I then closed the cabinet again in disbelief of what I saw. Again, the music stopped, then reopened once again. (music restarts) ” If God one day struck me blind, your beauty i’d still see, love to weak to define just what you mean to me.” This time I kept watching still in shock as the cockroaches sang the rest of the song and danced to the rhythm of the music as if was choreographed. Has anyone else experienced such weird dreams or nightmares they would like to share with this medication or others like it it? Stay tuned for more blogs!